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How to Make a Pheasant Pen

It can be very expensive to have someone else build your pheasant pen for you. That is why in this article I will show you how to do it yourself and save the money for something more enjoyable.


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      Prepare the layout of the pheasant pen. You'll most likely be keeping baby chicks that are from four to five weeks of age in there, so you'll want to give them plenty of space. 25 to 30 square feet normally does the trick. If you're going to be keeping extra chicks in there, you may want to make it as high as 40 square feet.

      Be sure to make the walls high enough to keep the chicksinside and any dangerous predators out.

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      Place ten foot long posts 3 feet deep into the ground spread about twelve feet apart. Make sure to measure so you place the posts and equal distance from one another.

      You'll want to make sure you have posts at each of the four corners and where you want the entry gate to be. Between each of the posts, dig a trench about six inches deep by six inches wide into the ground.

      Put a layer of wire that has been galvanized into the trench. Flare it out at 2 or 3 inches near the bottom. When you are done, cover the trench in dirt or gravel. This will stop the predators from digging under the fence to get into the chicks.

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      Continue the galvanized fencing from the ground all the way up to the top of the posts to form the walls. Around the perimeter of the top of the posts, lay no. 9 wire fencing over the tops. This will act as an edging. Lay several pieces across the pen width for top netting support.

      Position 1 or 2 brace posts on the inside of the pen to act like tent poles.

      Attach some game bird netting to the corner posts and stretch it over the top, connecting it securely to each post to prevent from anything escaping.

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