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PE Games for Elementary Kids

As a gym teacher, you want to demonstrate to your students the importance of physical fitness. However, you may not get this lesson across to them so easily by only having them run around the track or doing push-ups. One way to get students excited about fitness is to offer entertaining PE games that are age-appropriate.
  1. Musical Spots

    • Give your students a variety of different exercises under the guise of a colorful game. Musical Spots entails arranging five poster boards around the room with a different exercise or activity written on each one, like jump rope or sit-ups. When someone turns on music, the children all move in a circle around the poster boards. After a few moments, someone turns the music off and the children have to perform the task written on the poster board nearest them. The music starts up again, and the process continues.

    Beware the Blob

    • Though your elementary students may not know of the 1950s monster movie, "The Blob," they surely will enjoy this variation on the classic Tag game. The game starts by selecting one child to become the blob. That child counts to 30 while the other players run as far away from him as possible. After he finishes counting, he has to find the players and tag as many as possible. When a player gets tagged, he becomes part of the blob and performs the same actions of tagging other players. Once the Blob includes all but one player, the game ends. The person who avoided the blob the longest wins.

    Hen and Chicks

    • If you want your students to burn a lot of calories, try playing this game found at worknotes.com. One person is selected from the group to stand in the middle of the play area. The rest of the players line up horizontally on one end of the room. At a random moment, the middle player, or the hen, calls out for her chicks to run to the other side of the room. The other players, her chicks, race past her and try to avoid being tagged. If a player gets tagged, he has to stay in the middle of the play area with the hen and tag other chicks. The last remaining player wins the game.

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