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A List of Florida's Endangered Butterfly Species

Several species of butterflies can be found in Florida. However, unfortunately, some Florida butterflies are on the endangered species list. Knowing which species are in danger of extinction makes it easier to protect the butterflies and ensure their survival.
  1. Schaus Swallowtail Butterflies

    • The Schaus Swallowtail butterfly was once widespread throughout the state in areas with wild lime, but the species has been dying off since 1973 for several reasons, including pesticides, loss of habitat and extreme weather, according to the Florida Natural History Museum.

    Miami Blue

    • The Miami Blue butterfly is bright blue, and is found primarily in South Florida and the Florida Keys. With the loss of habitat and increased pesticide use around the state, many of the Miami Blue butterflies have died. The National Park Service states that conservation efforts were started in February 2003, and the butterflies have risen above the original drop to about 50 butterflies in 2002.

    Florida Atala

    • The Florida Atala is a small butterfly typically found in the Everglades and along the Florida coast. In the 1940s and 1950s, the butterfly was thought extinct because they became rare. Fortunately, private breeding programs have protected the species and they are not extinct.

    Florida Purplewing

    • The Florida Purplewing is a sub-species butterfly found in Florida. While the Purplewing species is general found throughout the country, the Florida Purplewing is slightly different from other Purplewings. The Florida Purplewings are a smaller butterfly with fewer white spots on the wings and slightly rounded wings, according to eNature. The hardwood hammocks that make up the Purplewing's natural habitat are protected to ensure the survival of the butterfly.

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