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How to Store CopperTop Batteries

It's definitely cheaper to buy batteries in bulk but, depending on the type and how many you use at a time, it may take a while to use them all. If you don't need the batteries right away, or won't be using a device for several months, take steps to store your batteries. Duracell CopperTop alkaline batteries have a lifespan of over five years when properly stored.


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      Remove and store batteries from any device that will go unused for more than three months. When the batteries lose their charge, they emit hydrogen gas. The gas can cause batteries to rupture and leak electrolyte fluid, which can damage the device.

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      Store batteries at room temperature. At 100 degrees Fahrenheit, batteries can lose as much as 25 percent of their charge in a year, according to greenbatteries.com.

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      Clean the contact points on the batteries with a rough cloth or pencil eraser when you are ready to install them.

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