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How to Make the Screen Bigger in a PSP AV TV Cable

The Sony PSP-3000 is a portable gaming console that features a 4.3-inch wide-screen display, integrated 802.11b wireless, a USB 2.0 connection interface, a propriatary UMD drive and a single memory stick slot. The PSP also includes an A/V output, designed to display video or game play on a compatible television. After connecting your PlayStation Portable system to your television, you may wish to configure the PSP video output settings to display the correct screen size. Changing the screen size to suit your television's native aspect ratio will improve the viewing experience.

Things You'll Need

  • Composite or component PSP A/V cable
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    • 1

      Turn off the television and PSP.

    • 2

      Connect the composite or component A/V cable from the PSP to the television. When connecting the PSP to a high-definition television, consider using the optional component A/V cable.

    • 3

      Turn on the television and select the appropriate input source for the PSP.

    • 4

      Turn on the PSP. Hold the "Display" button, located to the right of the "PSP" logo below the LCD screen, for five seconds.

    • 5

      Navigate to the PSP's "Settings" menu. Navigate to the "Connected Display Settings" menu and press the "X" button.

    • 6

      Select "TV Type" and choose from the "16:9" or "4:3" aspect ratio options available. Use the 4:3 option for older non-wide-screen televisions. Select the 16:9 option when using a wide-screen HDTV.

    • 7

      Exit the PSP's settings menu to complete the process.

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