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How to Stream a Satellite to a PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 comes equipped with home media streaming capabilities. This means that if your PS3 and your computer are connected via the same Internet connection, you can watch videos and listen to songs from your computer on your TV via the PS3. If you have a satellite Internet connection in your home, you will need to enable a feature on both your computer and on the PS3 in order to make this connection possible.


  1. Enable Media Streaming in Windows

    • 1

      Click "Start."

    • 2

      Type "Media Streaming" into the "Search" box in the "Start" menu. Click the "Media Streaming Options" icon that appears in the "Search" results. A new window will open.

    • 3

      Click "Turn on Media Streaming." Click "OK." This allows Windows to send audio and video files to your PlayStation 3 over your satellite Internet connection.

    Enabling your PlayStation 3

    • 4

      Turn on your PlayStation 3.

    • 5

      Select the "Settings" menu. In this window, select "Network Settings."

    • 6

      Select "Media Server Connection." In this window, select "Enabled." This will allow your PlayStation 3 to access the media content that is being streamed by your computer.

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